Jobs for Couples

Work abroad for couples - work and live together

Working abroad for couples is what the BondoJobs team offers. Although working abroad provides financial freedom, broadens your horizons and opens up many opportunities, very often going to work in foreign countries is hindered by obligations to a significant other. There is a fear that love will fade at a distance or that longing will be insurmountable. Therefore, working abroad is one of the best ways for couples to save their relationship, earn money and realize their dreams together.

BondoJobs will make sure that you can go to work abroad with your significant other, we will find the most suitable job and place of residence for both you and your loved one. Walk together on the path to a better quality of life!

Work abroad for couples: what do we offer?

You will agree that starting life in a new place as a couple is much braver, right? The closeness and support of a loved one motivates and helps you achieve your goals. It is for these reasons that working abroad for couples is not only an opportunity to establish themselves in a new country together, but also an incentive to earn as much as possible, achieve a career, save money and ensure a full and happy life. If you and your significant other also dream of this, then contact BondoJobs, because we fulfill all the wishes of couples and provide extremely good conditions for both working and living abroad.

What jobs abroad do we offer for couples? We have been working with reliable agencies in foreign countries for many years and offer direct employment contracts with employers in Germany, Holland and Cyprus.

  • Work in Germany for couples. In Germany, couples who want to work together are mostly welcome in the logistics and manufacturing sectors. Often, couples find employment in factories or warehouses, where women can do the physically lighter work and men are responsible for the more physically demanding tasks.
  • Jobs in Holland for couples. In Holland, couples are welcome to work in various factories. It should be noted that such jobs are quite common in this country. And a solid salary and good working conditions are what every couple who chooses to work in a Dutch factory enjoys.
  • Work in Cyprus for couples. Sunny Cyprus is a real paradise for couples. Together with your significant other, you can get a job in the same bar, restaurant or hotel. So you will not only work together, but also enjoy relaxing leisure time, sun, sea and sandy beaches.

Work abroad for non-language couples? We will find it.

The language barrier is one of the most common reasons why couples hesitate to go abroad for work. It is often thought that working abroad is out of reach for non-bilingual couples. However, this is far from true. Our team can find a well-paid job in a foreign country even for those couples who do not speak a foreign language. It is important to note that without knowing a foreign language, you can get a job in German or Dutch factories, where knowledge of a foreign language is not necessary.

Well, if couples have at least minimal knowledge of English or another foreign language, then even greater job and career opportunities open up. In addition, learning a foreign language together is much more fun, so you can motivate each other and learn successfully.

Work for couples abroad: why go together?

Working abroad offers many advantages to couples, so we have highlighted the most important ones you need to know before going abroad to work with your significant other:

  • You will strengthen the mutual connection. While working and living in a foreign country, you will support each other, motivate and nurture beautiful relationships.
  • You will earn more money. Two salaries are better than one, right? Plus, earning two solid salaries will save you a lot more and allow you to live a more luxurious life.
  • You will enjoy an unforgettable leisure time. After a working day or on weekends, you can visit famous places of a foreign country together, admire the surroundings and experience unforgettable adventures.

Interested in more information about working abroad for couples? Do not hesitate to contact the BondoJobs team, we will provide you with all the information you need and answer any questions you may have.