Jobs in Belgium

Working in Belgium is a great opportunity to work abroad for those who are not only interested in a generous salary, but also want to live a full social life in a foreign country. The minimum wage in Belgium, which is regularly reviewed and increased, is one of the highest in Europe. And the local residents are benevolent towards people from other countries, ready to help them adapt both at work and welcome them into their community.

If you are just starting your journey in the labor market, you want to not only earn solid money, but also to accumulate valuable "baggage" of experience or to understand in which field you belong, working in Belgium is a great opportunity. Like if you have a job but are looking for better earning and career opportunities. Job offers in Belgium are also attractive to those who are determined to make radical changes in their lives and want not only to work, but also to broaden their horizons.

Whether you are just thinking about going to work in Belgium or another country, or you are already firmly committed to this step, contact us, the team of recruitment professionals at BondoJobs. We will take into account what preferences (salary, career opportunities, etc.) you have regarding the workplace and what you can offer to a potential employer (experience, skills, motivation, etc.) abroad, and we will provide you with the most suitable job offer in Belgium. At the moment, the job ads in Belgium on our website did not catch your attention? We'll let you in on a secret: during the individual interview, we'll definitely find something to offer you!

Entrust your job search in Belgium to BondoJobs specialists!

Working abroad is tempting from various perspectives. On the other hand, there is no shortage of doubts about how things will go and what awaits in the new workplace and in a foreign country. In order for the experience of working abroad to be "programmed" for success and to prevent unnecessary worries, you need to make the right decisions right away. One of them is to contact the BondoJobs team.

Our field is recruitment services abroad, including work in Belgium. We love and know what we do very well. Over a long period of successful activity in this field, we have established relationships with various reliable recruitment agencies abroad. Employment is formalized by signing a foreign contract that guarantees our clients good working conditions and all social guarantees.

If you decide to contact us, you will not only be presented with individually suitable job offers in Belgium. We fully understand that "paperwork", especially when it comes to working abroad, can cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, our team will handle all recruitment formalities in a professional and prompt manner.

We will make sure that not only the promised job in Belgium awaits you, but also a place of residence. After all, a comfortable, cozy, strategically located place of work is a necessary condition for you to feel safe and secure when you arrive in a foreign country.

Our communication with clients does not stop when they sign an employment contract. We undertake to keep in touch even when you are already working. We will answer all work-related questions and find ways to quickly solve problems if you encounter them while working.

What job awaits you in Belgium?

Work is an important part of human life. Therefore, when submitting job offers abroad, we analyze not only what a person has and is capable of (experience, specific skills, language skills, etc.), but also what they expect from the workplace.

We have the most vacancies that we can offer to job seekers in Belgium in the fields of production and logistics. Often these are offers that do not require high qualifications, experience or excellent English language skills, opening up successful earning opportunities for many people. A necessary condition is the motivation to work and earn! Of course, job offers are constantly updated, so suitable, solidly paid work in Belgium will be offered to persons with higher qualifications and work experience.

Jobs in Belgium for women

In order to avoid the topic of discrimination, the gender of the candidate is rarely indicated in the advertisements offering a job in Belgium or in another country. The most important thing is the skills and personal qualities of the employee. However, it is natural that women tend to choose physically easier work. We can offer such jobs in Belgian factories and warehouses, for example, packers, pickers, support workers and other positions. The most important thing is that work in Belgium for women, although requiring less physical strength and endurance, is also well paid.

Jobs in Belgium for men

Physically strong, resilient, persistent: these are qualities that perfectly describe men and, it's no secret, are valued by all employers. Men who decide to try their hand at the Belgian labor market can do almost any job. However, the most offers for them are in the fields of production, industry, and logistics.

Of course, in order to apply for, for example, a driver's job, motivation alone is not enough. A category B driver's license is required. And, depending on the specific job offer - and category C or CE. If the aforementioned categories are also indicated on your driver's license, we will make you happy: you are an attractive candidate for a well-paid, promising job.

It is always useful to have the right and experience to drive other vehicles, such as a forklift. The job of a forklift driver is a fairly common job offer on BondoJobs in Belgium.

Of course, if women have the right to drive the mentioned vehicles and this field is acceptable to them, work in logistics in Belgium is also available for the latter.

Work in Belgium for couples

Working in Belgium or another foreign country is a decision that can be difficult to make for various reasons. One of them is a close relationship with the other party, for whom, naturally, distance and time can become a serious test. Instead of putting your personal life "on the line" and dooming yourself and your significant other to longing, why not go work abroad together?

Working and living abroad with your significant other is a decision that brings more than just emotional benefits. You will always feel the support of a loved one, you will motivate each other to achieve better results at work or, for example, encourage you to learn English or another foreign language necessary for professional activities. Of course, free time with your significant other will be much more meaningful. No less, it is important that you will earn more when you work together. Therefore, the goal of financial well-being, which prompted you to decide to work abroad, will be achieved faster.

The wish of a frequent client who goes to work abroad with his significant other is the opportunity to work in the same company. If you are interested in working in Belgium for couples, perhaps the best option is to work in factories and warehouses. These are places distinguished by the variety of work, so women will be offered physically easier, and men will be offered more endurance work in Belgium.

Work in Belgium without language

If you are interested in working in Belgium, you will have to remember your knowledge of the English language. If, for example, in Germany or Holland (in factories, warehouses) work can be available even without a foreign language, then companies in Belgium looking for employees prefer at least a minimum knowledge of English.

It's true, you can be calm even if you don't "know" your English. In positions that do not require high qualifications, the basics of English are sufficient for communication with the manager and colleagues.

Why is working in Belgium a great choice?

For a person deciding with which foreign country to link his professional life, it is of course very important what salary is offered by the companies operating in that country, taking into account the economic situation. However, other reasons, for example, related to the behavior or character characteristics of the local population of that country, can become the decisive motive that prompts one or another choice. There are several reasons why working in Belgium is a great choice.

Attractive salary

Minimum wage in Belgium in 2022 July. reached 1840 Eur (before taxes). This is a really solid amount, which will be enough not only to meet your most essential needs, but also for entertainment, savings and financial assistance for your relatives in Lithuania.

It is also important to know that an official job in Belgium, formalized by signing a Belgian employment contract, can offer you much more than the minimum wage. The size of the salary is determined by the specific job position, the experience of the employee, the time worked, the results achieved and various other criteria applied in a specific company. Working in Belgium opens up excellent earning opportunities and career prospects for motivated, hardworking, goal-oriented people.

Positive attitude of locals towards those who came to work

Belgium is a country that, in terms of the number of citizenships granted to foreigners, ranks second in the world. And this is not just a "dry" fact that reflects the state's position. The Belgians themselves are also friendly towards foreigners. And this is a nuance that is important when talking about successful adaptation among colleagues and people living next door.

Belgium is a country that will pamper your taste buds!

Even if you are not offered a job in Belgium, in a chocolate factory, a sweet life in this country is guaranteed! Chocolate and other delicious desserts are a kind of visiting card of Belgium. Do your receptors prefer bitter taste? Don't forget to try Belgian beer too!

Belgium is a strategically convenient European country

Not only the main headquarters of the EU, NATO and other international organizations operate in this country. The location of Belgium is also strategically convenient in relation to other European countries. If you stay in this country for a longer period of time, you will probably visit France, Great Britain, Holland and other nearby countries. This will make working and living in Belgium an even more memorable experience!

All you need to do to take the first step towards working in this country is to contact BondoJobs' team of recruitment professionals. You will be presented with individually suitable job offers in Belgium, from which you will choose the most acceptable option. And the comprehensive assistance we provide to our clients (managing employment formalities, finding a place of residence, etc.) will give you even more confidence when you go to work in a foreign country.