Jobs in the Netherlands

Work in the Netherlands - establish yourself in one of the happiest countries

Working in Netherlands will definitely not disappoint those who want to work and establish themselves in one of the happiest countries in the world. Relaxing atmosphere, always friendly smiling people, low unemployment rate, one of the highest minimum wages in the European Union: these are just some of the reasons why job offers in Netherlands deserve attention from anyone considering the opportunity to try their hand at the labor market of a foreign country.

Are you currently facing financial problems, so you are looking for a job? Are you open to new job offers to find a better paying, better career opportunity? Or maybe it's time for big changes, so working and living abroad seems like the best solution? A job in the Netherlands could be just what you're looking for!

If you do not know how to find a job in the Netherlands or another foreign country, contact BondoJobs' team of labor market professionals first. We will discuss your expectations regarding work abroad, we will review what job advertisements in the Netherlands are currently available in our database. And depending on what you want and what you can offer the employer, you will be presented with the most suitable job offers in the Netherlands.

Hassle-free job search with BondoJobs!

Working in the Netherlands is tempting both with excellent working conditions and a generous salary, as well as, of course, the advantages of the country itself as a place to work and live. However, we fully understand why you, instead of packing your bags and going to work in this country of happy people, are still indecisively sitting at home, constantly following what jobs are offered in Amsterdam and other Dutch cities. Searching for a job abroad on your own is really difficult. Job offers in the Netherlands raise doubts about their reliability: what if they cheat? And, having already found an attractive workplace, it is not uncommon to encounter various bureaucratic difficulties, problems of lack of communication, finding a place to live and other problems.

If you want to avoid similar worries and start your new job in Netherlands full of energy and good mood, the best solution is to entrust your search to professionals. Employment in the Netherlands and other foreign countries is what the BondoJobs team knows best and can offer you.

It is important to emphasize that we have been working in the Dutch labor market for many years. Our partners, with whom we have established close cooperative relations, are only reliable agencies of this country. We offer our clients only direct employment contracts that ensure the same working conditions and all social guarantees that citizens of that country receive.

Job offers in the Netherlands are distinguished by their diversity

What job awaits you in Holland? This is only your choice, depending on individual wishes, needs and possibilities. BondoJobs has a wide range of job offers in the Netherlands, which we are constantly adding new vacancies to, targeting people with different education, experience and professional skills. However, we can single out that the most popular and most common job offers among job-seeking compatriots in Holland include various positions in the fields of logistics, transport and production.

Jobs in Holland for women

Based on our many years of experience as a reliable recruitment agency, we have noticed that women looking for work abroad are often interested in physically easy work offers. Therefore, not only men, but also women are willing to work in Dutch factories and warehouses. The main reasons for this are versatile, easy-to-understand specifics and, no less important, well-paid work in Holland. Women in Dutch factories can work as packers, pickers, support workers or other jobs that do not require a lot of physical effort.

Of course, depending on the specific case, that is, the qualifications, experience, professional skills and knowledge and ambitions of the job seeker to work and earn, women are open to the same job offers in the Netherlands, guaranteed the same working conditions, earnings and career opportunities as men.

Jobs in Holland for men

Men who are physically stronger and often have more experience, for example in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, can often be offered a job in the Netherlands by a company in the country we work with.

It is true that working in Holland can open up even greater opportunities for those men who have not only a B, but also a C or CE category driver's license, as well as forklift driver's rights. In this case, it is possible to work as a driver or to operate vehicles that require special skills. Such positions are known to be highly valued and well paid. Of course, if a woman has the aforementioned "papers" and work experience, which is often desired in the field of logistics, the employer will willingly open the door to her, offering excellent working conditions and a solid salary.

Jobs in Holland for couples

If, for financial reasons (after all, two solid salaries are always better than one, right!) or other reasons, you want to go abroad with your significant other, perhaps the best option for couples is to work in Dutch factories or warehouses. These areas are characterized by a variety of jobs, so women can be offered physically easier jobs, and men - jobs that require greater endurance.

Work in Holland without language? Of course!

Dutch is not on the list of the most common languages ​​spoken by many people. So there is absolutely no reason to doubt that a job in the Netherlands is out of your reach just because you don't speak Dutch!

English, which is the first foreign language in this country, is perfectly communicated by almost all residents of the Netherlands. Can't boast of perfect knowledge of this language? Your English is also not perfect? No problem! We can find such a job in the Netherlands, where a minimum knowledge of English is sufficient.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that working in the Netherlands without speaking is usually possible in a factory, where direct contact with customers is avoided during the performance of work functions. For example, when packing, sorting, stacking or performing other simple tasks, it is enough to understand the boss's instructions and respond in simple English phrases.

Of course, by learning English well, working in the Netherlands opens up much greater professional opportunities and facilitates social adaptation. Therefore, many people who come to work in this country and do not know a foreign language, decide to improve their knowledge or even start learning Dutch. And this is the most direct way to climb the ladder of a successful career or even to stay in this wonderful country.

Work in Holland with accommodation? This is our concern!

Those considering the possibility of working in the Netherlands are often troubled by the question of finding a place to live. Naturally, this topic is extremely relevant for those who want to come to the Netherlands for seasonal work. Knowing the trends of the real estate market in this country, it is obvious that finding a place to live for a short period of time is really not easy. Couples who want to work and live together in Holland are also worried about accommodation.

When you decide to entrust your job search to the BondoJobs team, you can leave this concern to us! We will find not only the most suitable job for you, but also comfortable housing that ensures comfortable living conditions. So, as soon as you arrive from Lithuania, you will be able to settle comfortably and start working immediately.

It doesn't matter to us whether your goal is a seasonal job in Holland or a permanent job, whether you will come to this country alone or with your significant other, we are committed to helping you find a quality job and a comfortable home.

Work in the Netherlands: why is it worth getting a job?

Working in the Netherlands has many advantages. We have singled out only a few of the main ones that you should familiarize yourself with before going to work in this country.

  • The minimum wage will allow you to live with dignity. Great news: The minimum wage in Holland is one of the highest in the European Union! Currently, the minimum wage in the Netherlands for workers aged 21 and over is 1,745 euros per month. So, even if you do unskilled, uncomplicated work, you will earn enough to live with dignity and be able to make additional savings or financially support the remaining family members in Lithuania.
  • You will settle in one of the happiest countries. Holland is named as one of the happiest countries in the world. Such data are published by the "World Happiness Index" study, which has been conducted by the United Nations for many years. It should be noted that more than 150 countries of the world participate in this study, among which the Netherlands is constantly in the top ten of the happiest countries.

The question is, what does this fact have to do with the labor market? For a person working abroad, the positive emotions spread by the people around him can become an important means of support and motivation. Finally, when everyone around you is smiling, you can't help but get in a good mood yourself!

  • You will achieve as much as you want and, of course, as much effort as you put in. For us Lithuanians, who are positively evaluated by employers in many foreign countries, it is a significant fact that the Dutch are impressed by employees who show positive motivation for continuous improvement. So, if you are responsible, work hard, show a desire to improve and learn, we have no doubt that you will soon be noticed by an employer and you will be able to enjoy not only a higher salary, but also, probably, favorable opportunities to climb the career ladder.

After starting from the very lowest rung, he established himself in a responsible, higher-qualified management job. Seasonal job offers turned into long-term professional activities, which encouraged to stay in the Netherlands for a longer period of time (perhaps even permanently). And these are just a few of the success stories of past BondoJobs clients!

Want to know more about working in the Netherlands? Or maybe you have already made a firm decision to go to work in this country, but lack professional information on where to start? Connect with our team! A pleasant, free conversation with a BondoJobs representative is waiting for you, during which we will not only answer all your questions related to work in the Netherlands, but also provide specific, individually suitable job offers.