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Work abroad with accommodation - for those looking for the best

Working abroad has been a very common choice among Lithuanians for many years. It is likely that you yourself have "tasted" this "bread". If not, then you surely have many examples among friends or relatives with successful or, unfortunately, not so good stories of working abroad. Job offers abroad attract Lithuanians (and citizens of other countries) for various reasons. A solid salary, the pursuit of a better quality of life, the desire to live near relatives located abroad or simply the desire to change the environment and "blow new winds" into one's life - these are the main ones.

However, while maintaining objectivity, it is important to note that working abroad, although it has many indisputable advantages and perspectives, poses a number of serious challenges that not everyone dares to try to cope with. Especially many obstacles may have to be overcome for those who decide to do the "work abroad" task on their own, without having the necessary knowledge and experience.

Although ads offering free employment abroad, sometimes even with paid travel, are eye-catching, finding a reliable, well-paying job online is really difficult. It is often not easy to choose a job that best matches your abilities, experience and expectations from the abundance of advertisements. And, it seems, having already found a suitable and pleasant job, you need to organize the necessary employment documents or agree on an acceptable salary. In addition, there remains a considerable risk that the dream job abroad may not succeed. Will cheat, won't pay, won't live up to expectations: such and similar hesitations torment the common person who has actual jobs abroad.

The best decision that anyone who wants to find a job abroad can make is to contact BondoJobs' team of recruitment experts with many years of successful experience in this field. We will listen to your expectations. We will professionally advise you on which jobs abroad are the most suitable for you, depending on what you can give and what you expect from the labor market of a specific country. Of course, from the available job offers abroad, we will present the most suitable option in individual cases. We will not only find you, but also make sure that working abroad, from recruitment formalities to career prospects, is smooth.

Why are BondoJobs job offers abroad worth considering?

The latest job offers abroad and presenting them to the client, taking into account the individual situation, is our daily routine. We have been successfully working in this field for more than 12 years, constantly looking for the best job offers in foreign countries, fully justifying the needs of those who want to work abroad, which, as you know, are often very different.

The BondoJobs team's goal is to find who offers work abroad for our potential clients. However, we only accept job offers abroad that ensure all social guarantees, a solid salary, are promising, allow you to enjoy the quality of life and, not least, provide an opportunity not only to work, but also to improve. Before making a specific offer, we carefully analyze which currently available job postings abroad are the most suitable for each applicant.

Guarantees and prospects waiting for you after choosing the BondoJobs team

  • Employment is formalized by signing a foreign employment contract, which allows you to feel safe and secure.
  • Not only a guaranteed, well-paid job abroad awaits you, but also accommodation. Our team will take care of finding a comfortable apartment as close as possible to your future workplace!
  • By choosing the job offer that best suits your individual needs and abilities, you can leave as soon as possible. Companies abroad that offer a job are usually ready to accept you immediately.
  • BondoJobs job offers abroad include extremely popular, economically strong countries - Germany, Holland, Belgium, Cyprus.
  • Our team will be your companion not only during the job search and recruitment, but also when working abroad. We will answer all the questions that arise and, if necessary, we will always provide professional, prompt assistance.

In which countries can you be offered a job abroad?

We would like to point out that we work only with reliable agencies abroad and offer direct employment contracts with employers in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Cyprus. Why are the mentioned countries a worthy choice when working through an agency?

First of all, these are economically strong countries that offer excellent working conditions. Also - a salary that allows not only to live with dignity, but also, which is relevant for a compatriot who often goes abroad to work, to contribute to the financial well-being of relatives remaining in Lithuania. Job seekers are pleasantly surprised by the large variety of both skilled and unskilled jobs and, no less important, the friendly attitude of the residents of these countries towards hardworking newcomers.

Perhaps the information below will help you decide which country is the most suitable for you?

  • Working in Germany is a common choice for Lithuanians. If you are responsible, hardworking and diligent, when you come to this country, you will enjoy not only a great job, but also a generous reward. It is important to note that, compared to other European countries, the salary in Germany is one of the highest. So, if you don't shy away from work and want to earn money, Germany is definitely your country!
  • Working in Holland is ideal for those who are not only looking for a well-paid job, but also want to live in one of the happiest foreign countries. A relaxing atmosphere, a responsible attitude towards the employee and a quality life await you here. This is everything you need to turn your "work abroad" project into a successful personal experience or even a success story that inspires other job seekers.
  • Working in Belgium is an extremely popular choice among Lithuanians. A good standard of living, a high work culture and high salaries, you will find all this when you get a job in Belgium.
  • Working in Cyprus is especially attractive to those who want not only to earn, but also to experience adventure. Although it is possible to work in this country all year round, Cyprus is perfect for those who are interested in seasonal work offers abroad. Work, earn and vacation at the same time: the ultimate dream job abroad, right?

What job abroad can we offer you?

The work we offer abroad is attractive not only in terms of geography (job offers in different countries), but also in the abundance of job offers in various fields. Taking into account your qualifications, experience and other personally important criteria, you can choose which offered jobs in production, logistics, hotels, catering, agriculture, construction or other sectors are the most suitable for you.

Will working abroad suit me? Will I be able to understand the specifics of the new job, adapt in a team, and at the same time in a foreign country? This is one of the main questions for those who are interested in living and working abroad. Our answer to such and similar questions is very simple. "BondoJobs" job offers abroad are suitable for everyone who wants to work, earn money and broaden their horizons while getting to know a new country.

It is important to note that our job offers abroad (in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Cyprus) are for women, men and couples. In addition, by choosing to cooperate with BondoJobs' team of recruitment professionals, you can be offered both a short-term seasonal job abroad and a permanent career option. Everything depends only on your wishes and possibilities. That is, deciding how long you intend to work and live in a foreign country.

Work abroad for women

In the labor market of foreign countries, women are considered equal to men, depending on their education, competences, professional skills and accumulated experience. That is, they are provided with the same working conditions, all social guarantees are ensured and they are paid a fair salary.

However, women who are interested in working abroad are often interested in physically easier jobs that do not require high qualifications and similar experience. There is no shortage of such offers, for example, in German or Dutch factories and warehouses.

It is good that women, without "going over their heads", that is, by doing what they are able and capable of, can create a strong material base or make a significant contribution to the overall family budget.

Work abroad for men

Our partners in foreign countries are always looking for men who are physically strong, motivated to work honestly, responsibly and, of course, earn solid money. We always have attractive job offers for this category of employees in the fields of production, storage, and logistics.

It is true that the path to vacant positions in the logistics sector is usually available to persons with at least a category B driver's license. And, having the right to drive C or CE category vehicles makes you an even more competitive participant in the labor market. It is not uncommon for men to have the rights to drive a forklift: such job advertisements abroad are constantly appearing in our database.

Work abroad for couples

Couples who decide to go abroad together often want to work in the same place. Perhaps the most suitable job offers abroad for couples, which we regularly have, are jobs in factories and warehouses. There is no lack of various different work positions here, so physically easier tasks can be entrusted to women, and those requiring more endurance to men.

Work abroad without foreign language

Knowing the local language of that country is, of course, a big plus both in pursuing a career and adapting to the team and community in which one lives. However, companies that offer jobs abroad, for example in Germany, do not require candidates to speak German or, in the case of the Netherlands, Dutch. The exception is specific fields of activity or positions requiring high competence. In most European countries, you will get by just fine with English.

Are you rejecting the opportunity to work abroad because you cannot boast of excellent English skills? And again, we hurry to calm down! We can also ensure that those who do not speak English or who have only minimal basics of the language successfully establish themselves in the foreign labor market. We have the most job offers without language skills in factories or warehouses. The nature of the work in these areas does not require great communication skills or face-to-face interaction, for example with customers. Work instructions, that is, what and how to do, will be conveyed to you by the manager and co-workers in elementary phrases that we are sure you will understand.

If you are interested in working abroad or simply have questions related to this topic, contact BondoJobs! We will discuss your expectations, evaluate the possibilities and start searching for the most suitable job for you.