Work without English language

Work abroad without foreign language with BondoJobs

Job offers abroad attract not only attractive earnings or career prospects, but also the opportunity to get to know another country more closely. However, job ads that offer one or another job in a foreign country are often useful, when you quietly think in your mind that this is definitely not for me. What if I am unable to complete the assigned tasks properly? I won't fit in the team? What if the employer turns out to be dishonest and does not pay to earn money? Finally, where is the guarantee that when I go to the land of dreams, I will really get the promised job? Even more similar doubts are raised by the situation if a person needs a job abroad without a language.

Without learning a foreign language or having weak foundations of it, independent job search in a foreign country becomes a really serious test. Instead of risking that the mission "work abroad without language" will not succeed, a more rational solution is to contact BondoJobs' team of foreign employment professionals!

We have been working in this field for many years. We cooperate only with reliable recruitment agencies in Germany, Holland and Cyprus, which offer our employees foreign employment contracts that provide all guarantees. Some of the offers we have are aimed at people who are specifically interested in working abroad without a language.

By cooperating with the BondoJobs team, you will not only be offered a job that does not require language. We will also help you with all the recruitment documents. We will take care of finding a place to live. And, if necessary, we will provide qualified assistance or answer all the questions that arise while working.

Working abroad without English language

Working abroad without a language does not only include those vacancies for which applicants are not required to speak the local language of that country. After all, thinking logically, can many Lithuanians know, for example, Dutch, which is not widely spoken in the world anyway? In Germany, Holland, Cyprus - the European countries where we offer you to work, you can communicate perfectly in English.

Do you not know the latter? By cooperating with us, a reliable, well-paid job abroad without English is a completely realistic option. Of course, those who want to work, for example, in the tourism sector (there is no shortage of such offers in Cyprus), must be able to speak English or Russian. After all, verbal communication in the mentioned field is not only the main work tool, but also an opportunity to enjoy solid tips.

Work abroad without English is usually offered to our clients in various positions (collectors, packers, sorters, etc.) in factories and warehouses. Most of the time, these are simple jobs that do not require specific skills and are easy to understand, perfect for both men and women, as well as couples who want to work together. Foreign companies that offer work to those who do not know the language are naturally ready to provide comprehensive assistance not only in getting to know the specifics of the job, but also in adapting to the team.

We are glad that the opportunity we offer - working abroad without speaking - opens the door to a more promising, financially stable life for a wider circle of compatriots who want to work abroad. However, we are by no means saying that a foreign language is not necessary. On the contrary. This is the way to an even better paid job and better career opportunities. Therefore, we encourage you to change "I don't know a foreign language" to "I will learn!". With motivation and being in an environment where English is spoken, for example, you will achieve this goal more easily than you might think.

Work abroad with accommodation

The language barrier is a problem when looking not only for a reliable, well-paid job, but also for a place to live abroad. A comfortable home that provides all the necessary conditions for a comfortable life is one of the guarantors of security when you go to work in a foreign country, relevant not only for yourself, but also for your relatives remaining in Lithuania. After all, the latter also take care of how you manage to establish yourself in a new country. There is even more responsibility if you come to work abroad with your significant other. Then you need to think not only about your own living conditions, but also those of your loved ones.

If you entrust your job search to us, you will not have to worry about the place of residence. It doesn't matter for what period of time you need housing, whether you will live there alone or with your partner: we will take care of finding you a comfortable housing that is as close as possible to work. After unpacking your things in your new, temporary home, all you have to do is gather strength for the work ahead!

Working abroad without speaking is just one of the possibilities we offer our clients. You only need to express your expectations and wishes, and we, after evaluating your possibilities and available job offers at that time, will provide you with the best option for a career abroad!